Welcome to FizzBuzz CI/CD’s documentation!

This is a “documentation”-like version of my article on Medium: “A practical guide for better-looking python code”.

In this article I describe how one can set up a continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline using GitHub. This text is inspired by two sources. First one is “Nine simple steps for better-looking python code” by Vladimir Iglovikov. He gives the keys to better coding practices with CI/CD systems as its core. It is a great article and I wrote mine following the steps outlined there. So, “A practical guide for better-looking python code” is an accompanying/practical guide to Vladimir’s text. I advice you to go through the “Nine steps” for an overview of various approaches, although “A practical guide” could be read independently.

Second source is more subtle, and it is Joel Grus’ Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz where he describes ways to solve the Fizz Buzz coding exercise. While it provides the 10 solutions, it is more a discussion on Python, Maths, Testing and Coding. And if you don’t know Joel Grus, check out his presentation about his everlasting love towards Jupyter Notebooks.

Here are some resources that are associated with this article:

  • GitHub repository where I performed my experiments. It is in a state after all the steps I describe below are implemented. However, you can see the development through git commits history.